Bodega Bay

A hard seltzer for healthy hedonists.

Our client spotted an opportunity to bring the latest US drink trend (hard seltzer) to the UK. We set about naming and creating the brand ID for Bodega Bay, which is now Europe's number
one hard seltzer.

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The client had various contacts in the marketing and PR sector of the drinks industry and had been nurturing the ambition to set out with a project of their own when they felt the time was right. Cue a trip to California and a bit of time spent immersed in the west coast surf scene. A drink called Hard Seltzer seemed to be everywhere and it spoke to a fun filled but low calorie active lifestyle.

We arrived at an identity for the brand that was rooted in this origin story, a nod to the laid back and breezy west coast culture. Our audience would be party people with a conscientious core. The aesthetic should project the qualities of the drink, so we kept it light and clean. The relatively fast rollout meant Bodega Bay could capitalise on being the first Hard Seltzer in the UK and they are now the leading alcoholic sparkling water in Europe.

“Beginning with virtually a blank canvas Nation & James distilled our marketing strategy and positioning with a design aesthetic that beautifully met what we were trying to achieve but couldn’t quite articulate.”

- Charlie Markland, Founder

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