Tastes as good as it looks

Bringing a premium approach to canned wine. Cansecco delivers crisp and refreshing premium sparkling wines that are as easy on the eye as they are to drink.

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As the old adage goes, ‘less is more’ and when it comes to premium packaging, we whole heartedly agree.

Our stripped back design comes in 2 beautiful pastel colour-ways and the gold foil applied to a modern and bold word mark logo ensures instant brand recognition.

Located in the beautiful Italian region of Lombardy, the wine is made at a family owned vineyard that has been making wine for a century using the traditional Charmat method. Cansecco and it’s Italian heritage place it in a tier above the usual canned wine offerings on the market.

This brand is all about bringing a premium Italian product to the UK in a convenient and environmentally friendly way, to meet the needs and concerns of the modern lifestyle. With Cansecco; quality, beauty and function all meet on equal terms.

Our one page web solution puts the product at the very front of the users journey to maximise conversion and steady organic growth from a considered and nurtured Instagram community has built a growing base of Cansecco drinkers who love to share a product that suits their fun and bubbly lifestyle.

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