Cotswold Eggs

Happy Chickens. Healthy Eggs.

A time-served and trusted regional trade distribution company that’s ran for over 50 years.

The brand now wants to expand into national retail outlets and called for a
refresh that both celebrated their heritage but bought the aesthetic up to date.

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The client wanted to grow their business and expand a retail distribution list in major national supermarkets as well.

The current packaging was very dated and uninspiring, in order to be taken more seriously by prospective buyers, they needed to update their brand and have a wider ranging, more cohesive visual language that was going to appeal both online and on shelves alongside the competition.

The new ownership was a family operation, who wanted a change of lifestyle and moved to the countryside. Given the negative connotations with large agriculture practices in current times we decided to capitalise on the brand equity of showcasing a small, family ran, service first and ethically conscious supplier of eggs.

Nation & James commissioned a photoshoot to capture images of Imogen and her family run farm to help give the brand a personal touch and assure customers that their eggs are of highest quality, which has always been part of essence of Cotswold Eggs.

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