Doña Sofía

Refresh the senses. Feed the soul.

Launching the UK’s first
CBD infused ready to drink
cocktails. Daring to propel a
counter culture into a new era by igniting peoples sense of self expression.

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Guiding the client to their solution involved quite a deep dive into their background, how they met, and uncovering the driving force behind their success so far. It was essentially the culture of Barcelona that drew both co founders to move there, a few years later they would meet and start a business together.

We created a character based narrative around Dona Sophia, a turn of the century socialite, a creative catalyst for the artisan spirit of the city. Her essence is a raw Catalan chic that drives right through the aesthetic.

It spoke to the nature of the brands inception and meant the owners took with them an amplified voice and an even greater sense of connection & pride in a product which now had a look to match their ambition.

After our initial consultation with the client we laid out our visual direction analysis.

We wanted a core brand mark that used expressive nonuniform typography to best project the individual and creative nature of our brands protagonist.

After much exploration of what our supporting graphics and visual system might be, we landed on a typographical solution inspired by the ‘punk’ graphic design trends of the early 90’s.

The abstraction of letterforms themselves build up alongside illustrations & rough textures for a raw, grunge composition.

“We’d been to an agency for a can design previous to Nation & James and were really disappointed with the results.

Miles and David really opened our eyes to the value of an engaging story and message to form the foundations of our approach. As for  the final can design we think that speaks for itself.”

- Saf Ali, Co-Founder Dona Sofia

It was clear from the start that not only was the previous packaging letting a good product down, but there had also been no consideration as to how their audience were supposed to relate to and connect with the brand.

In The Four Cats, a cultural gem of Barcelonas gothic quarter, Dona Sofia would curate events and host parties that were seminal in birthing the cities strong contemporary artistic roots.

As CBD products floods into the UK market, our audience of trails blazers and early adopters can rally round a figure of individuality & self expression.

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