Letting nature do the work

A fresh and playful take on the dietary supplement sector that dares to stand out by not taking itself too seriously.

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A unique blend of ‘phenolic’ antioxidants, providing the best support and antioxidant protection for up to 24 hours.

The equivalent of 5 portions of unadulterated goodness,
hand-picked for their nutritional value and freeze dried into one handy capsule.

Though created in a lab like the competition we didn’t want to appear too clinical, we decided that for this dietary supplement, letting nature be the star was key. The product was an all natural composition to support common nutritional shortfalls in the modern diet.

With the playful addition of googly eyes, we created a cast of fruit and veg characters, which, much like the name, immediately and clearly communicate the proposition of the product.

A key part to the success of our web design projects is our content first approach.

We create a series of personas who represent our target audience, conduct a thorough review of the brands proposition, and combine this targeted messaging with a site structure that aims to provide the easiest journey to their desired outcome.

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