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Walls Are Meant For Climbing

Walls Are Meant For Climbing (WAMFC) is a global campaign for The North Face, focused on building communities through the idea that in climbing, walls bring people together.

Campaign Identity
3D Environmental Design
Social Media
Web Design
OOH Advertising
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Our team conceptualised a shipping container build that would tour three key cities (Milan, Munich and London) that bring the spirit of adventure to the urban environment.

On top of the conceptual work for the brand activation piece and the 3D renders for the pitch, we then went on to win the tender to deliver the online, in store & OOH advertising collateral for each city.

Our solution titled the activations ‘CLIMB LONDON’, ‘CLIMB MUNICH’ & ‘CLIMB MILAN’. Given the established (WAMFC) branding we needed a simple but engaging system to utilise these
graphic elements in clever ways across various media platforms to link our campaign to the activation, It had to feel like part of the WAMFC brand world, but also deliver a larger range of content types and messages and be flexible to accommodate 3 languages.

Interrogating the WAMFC style guide, we first had to agree with The North Face on our key messaging & visual components.

Using the bold typographical format we assigned each city a colour and hero image, introduced secondary and tertiary type styles for the location and event information, and then created a system which would link our activations to the key ‘multi language tiles’ of the WAMFC campaign.

For print applications, our hero images would overlay these tiles in a contemporary Asymmetric composition, whilst for digital application these tiles would appear at the start of our content and create an intro reveal.

From paper mock ups, to production spec 3D renders, the N&J team conceptualised a design that maximised climbs for different levels of ability, met the functional requirements of the production and logistics teams, and also the commercial needs of the client.

It was our combined vision and practicality, realised beautifully with top spec 3D renders that lead to our events team winning the tender for this activation.

“We know Justin and Miles well from various projects together with BIGGER. This was the first time they asked to pitch for the marketing collateral too.

They really stepped up to the plate with a great suite of assets across three of our key markets.”

- Marco Mombelli, Brand Experience Manager

As well as online promotion leading up to the event, we also made sure to capture photography and video footage to edit and serve online across the instagram accounts of the respective territories, ensuring the impact of the event and spirit of the WAMFC campaign was witnessed by many more then just those who attended.

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