Launching the French gaming app, BravoSpeed to a UK audience.

The Challenge

Bravospeed is the free to play lottery app market leader in France and has over 8M active users. They give away millions of euros in prize money with rapid prize draws every 3 minutes. The game is free and fun to play and has an online community who play on a daily basis.

Nation & James were asked to support the brand in partnership with Marketluck to plan and create a bespoke creative launch strategy for Bravospeed in the UK marketplace.

Advertising Creative
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Campaign Content
Explainer Videos
Social Marketing Assets
Developing an honest conversation with the audience.

Building trust in a new marketplace was vital. Audience research identified a clear challenge for Nation & James to solve. How to get audiences to believe and trust in this incredible lottery opportunity. Free to play and major £4.2m prize draw up for grabs. Can this really be true?

A new messaging strategy and copy plan was developed with honest storytelling to ensure the player knew how to play and what their commitment would be to be in with a chance to win.

Fun, Fast, Free.

We focused on fundamental brand pillars and built the creative strategy from there. We created detailed market segment profiles, learning deep sentiments and behaviours of our target audience to generate real engagement tactics ready for launch.

Incorporating the brands heritage and success in the french marketplace, we incorporated genuine storytelling around winning players. We took inspiration from the french brand, integrating key colours and animations throughout the website, video and social media assets.

Creating relatable content.

We worked closely with our PR partner to engage talent, personalities and celebrities to inspire relatable and aspirational stories for our target market whilst creating fun and engaging content to simply communicate the brand.

This included enrolling sports presenters and reality TV influencers to present easy to digest messages for social media advertising. We were proud to have achieved the clients goal of creating relatable market content at a fraction of their budget expectation.